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Posted in Visual Identity by hoethoet on 13 May 2009

BiStackPos_RGBImage 2

The new identity of the Belgian street stewarts ‘Gardiens de la Paix‘ developed last year by our studio will take to the streets this year. A strong but open to the dialogue logotype, a complement of what we did for the new identity of the Belgian Police.


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  1. Norbert Lambriex said, on 2 July 2009 at 06:42

    The brand symbol your company designed for the Belgian Federal Police looks very simular to the brand symbol of Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. (http://www.concorde.edu) in the USA.

    Btw We have a simular casus in the Netherlands. The Dutch police brand symbol looks almost the same as the brand symbol of the Bank Santander.

    What is you comment?

    • hoethoet said, on 2 July 2009 at 07:11

      Thank you Mr. Norbert Lambriex for your comment.

      We will look forward to see when, and on which basis, the Concorde logo was made. On our side the Police logo was made years ago as a graphic answer to the Octopus agreement on May 23, 1998, sealing the reform of the police services and organizing a police service integrated, structured into two levels: the federal level and the local level. The symbol represent a hand/flame for protection and surveillance; the blue colour stands for mutual trust; and the lowercase
      type is set to be close to people.

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