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Posted in Book by hoethoet on 15 March 2010

Brand Identity Essentials: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands

This book is the fourth book in the Essential series following Layout Essentials, Typography Essentials, and Packaging Essentials. It outlines and demonstrates basic logo and branding design guidelines and rules through 100 principles including the elements of a successful graphic identity, identity programs and brand identity, and all the various strategies and elements involved. Buy


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Posted in Book by hoethoet on 30 November 2009

The Visual Miscellaneum

The Visual Miscellaneum is a unique, groundbreaking look at the modern information age, helping readers make sense of the countless statistics and random facts that constantly bombard us. Using cutting edge graphs, charts, and illustrations, David McCandless creatively visualizes the world’s surprising relationships and compelling data, covering everything from the most pleasurable guilty pleasures to how long it takes different condiments to spoil to world maps of Internet search terms. Buy

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Posted in Book by hoethoet on 27 November 2009

Classic Typography for Contemporary Design

If there is one experience that any graphic designer can relate to, it’s the quest for the perfect typeface. The right typeface communicates the visual essence of the content while enhancing the impact of the overall design. The dozens of type samplers available are often more confusing than helpful, offering hundreds of choices but little guidance. Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design is a unique sourcebook featuring sixty classic typefaces that continue to resonate with today’s most influential graphic designers. The book is organized using typographic classifications such as sans serif, serif, display, script, and dingbats. Each typeface is presented in detail, including its origin, main characteristics, and uses. The main character set of each type specimen is accompanied by typesheet style examples including technical specifications and non-Latin characters.

In addition, Typeface includes a unique feature certain to delight designers: a choice of similar typefaces is given for each font, so that alternatives can be easily compared, taking the stress out of tracking down typefaces. Characteristics such as vertically stressed oblique serifs or abrupt contrasts are highlighted and easily cross-referenced, allowing designers to make educated type choices without having to trawl through the seemingly endless pages of type vendor libraries. Accompanying the main character sets and typesheets are examples of the typefaces in use. Leading practitioners such as Pentagram, karlssonwilker inc., and Why Not Associates provide a working context for each typeface, making Typeface both a fully functional sourcebook and an inspirational showcase of international typographic design. Buy

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Graphis Design Annual 2009

Great design in 29 categories–branding, interactive, logos, packaging, books, more* More than 300 full-color photographs* Expanded credits for easy referenceDesign Annual 2009 is the ultimate design collection! This indispensable annual features the year’s most outstanding work in annual reports, books, branding, exhibits, interactive, logos, packaging, typography, and more–a total of 29 design categories. Selected from an international pool of entries, all selections have won the new Graphis Gold Award for excellence…or the even more coveted Graphis Platinum Award for outstanding design. Case studies of Platinum-winning artists, plus the most extensive credits section ever, complete this stunning one-volume resource. Buy

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Graphic Design, Referenced:
A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications, and History of Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Referenced is a visual and informational guide to the most commonly referenced terms, historical moments, landmark projects, and influential practitioners in the field of graphic design. With more than 2,000 design projects illustrating more than 400 entries, it provides an intense overview of the varied elements that make up the graphic design profession through a unique set of chapters: “principles” defines the very basic foundation of what constitutes graphic design to establish the language, terms, and concepts that govern what we do and how we do it, covering layout, typography, and printing terms; “knowledge” explores the most influential sources through which we learn about graphic design from the educational institutions we attend to the magazines and books we read; “representatives” gathers the designers who over the years have proven the most prominent or have steered the course of graphic design in one way or another; and “practice” highlights some of the most iconic work produced that not only serve as examples of best practices, but also illustrate its potential lasting legacy. Graphic Design, Referenced serves as a comprehensive source of information and inspiration by documenting and chronicling the scope of contemporary graphic design, stemming from the middle of the twentieth century to today. Buy